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AJ Skylights

Our skylights are custom made to suite your requirements and are completed professionally using only top quality workmanship and materials. Our skylights can be made from various materials such as glass, aluminium, metal, wood and acrylic.

Braais and Paving


Industrial Carports


Domestic Carports


We believe in investing in the environment by providing daylighting solutions that is energy efficient and saves you costs, while enhancing the look of your home Skylights are an effective method to bring light into a dark room. It consists of a hole in the roof covered with a waterproof dome-shape Perspex cover, followed by a tube of bright shining material that runs wider to the ceiling where covered by a second dome (bigger than the one on top) reflects the sunlight evenly, and also reflects all unsafe UV rays and is a isolator of heat.

Give us a call today. We will give you a basic quote when calling with your specifications. We will then come to you home and give you a detailed quote for the perfect skylight

We use aluminium and steel structure frames powder coated or painted as required, and other materials such as polycarbonate, acrylic and glass.

Our company specialize in maintenance on and the upgrading of existing skylights.

Our Product Range

  • Pyramid Skylights

  • Quarter Vault

  • Low rise & semi-circle vaults

  • Mega Domes

  • Slope Glazing

  • Interior atrium structures

  • Elevated walkway canopies

  • Hip and ridge pyramids

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